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Nobby StarSnack BBQ Top Mix 180gr

1.915 kr.
  • with 68,5-89,2% chicken or 64,9% duck
  • 1,5-2,5 fat content
Framleiðandi NOBBY
1.915 kr.
  • The StarSnack Barbecue are purely natural Snacks.
  • They consist of lean chicken or duck meat and an additional component.
  • This Top Mix BBQ is made up of the most popular BBQ Snacks Wrapped Chicken, Chicken Calcium Bone, Wrapped Duck, Chicken Stick and Chicken Jerky.
  • They consist of at least 68.5% chicken or 64.9% duck and sometimes up to 29.2% rawhide.
  • With a fat content of 1.5-2.5%, they are also low in calories.
  • They serve as a snack or as a reward for sports and games.
  • The reclosable bag provides additional practical handling.

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